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Closing in on assorted goals
Posted by Tony on 18th October 2009 at 23:02:41
In response to The game has changed posted by Tony on 18th November 2008 at 19:58:43
reaction with sym ship delays ddsym formation by 52 iterations
The above took more time than it might have after I decided to leave it out as number 17 of 16 ddsym-producing collisions which will form a component of a forthcoming display linking renderings of the soon to be ten seeds run to 200,000 iterations—a project that could be wrapped up next weekend as the first of three or four to reach acceptable "completeness" before the end of the year.

The second goal is to extend the Whoa S look ahead discussed in the subthread below from 900,000 to a million which will take a month of minimal attention as the S front becomes more and more periodic, but a completion point I'm looking forward to a lot more since the Golly Gang helped find a way I can satisfactorily automate the period doubling analysis that the final pattern will warrant.

The third goal is to get the count of distinct seeds run to 100,000 iterations up to a hundred. If I had realised a bit earlier that my MacBook had been sitting idle for a lot of hours when it could have been running more of those seeds, that one might have been wrapped already.

The fourth is to see how many more seeds I can get to 150,000 before being tempted to run any of them on to 200,000, like the two seeds which are taking that count from eight to ten, one of which is providing an undistracted demonstration of diagonal "Sworder" formation while the other showcases several large scale emergent structures.

While there will be no end of potential detail to infill, and the selection of seeds to run on will remain even less random that the pool to run to 100,000, hopefully I'm going to be able to do more about telling the story from the most interesting details to the broad implications—a challenge that had me starting on a Keynote in Dimboola last weekend.

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