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The game has changed
Posted by Tony on 18th November 2008 at 19:58:43
If you click on this image you will start seeing a 24 Mb/5 minute animated GIF which might be better saved and viewd in QuickTime or similar, but it has become too urgent to advance the show and tell phase with something sufficiently indicative:
'Alpha' starting out on its amazing demonstration of first mover advantage
John Horton Conway's Game of Life has justifiably dominated the universe of cellular automata since 1970 but the impending release of Golly 2.0 should start to change that as it makes accessible rule spaces that promise to take us a lot closer to the border of order-edge of chaos where seriously interesting levels of organisation can emerge naturally from trivial seeds and simple rules without design intervention.

The image/linked animation above is from/around iteration 56,824 of one seed, the original choice of which was a fortuitous mistake, and which this computer is currently taking a short break from at 190,000 en route to a planned indefinite pause at 200,000 when just a single frame will blow minds.

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